(While reading, please think of the words through the smooth resonance of Morgan Freeman’s voice.) Potsy Ponciroli is a writer and director who received his film degree from the university of Western…backstory, backstory, that was years ago and nobody cares. Since he actually started getting paid to do this thing he loves, Potsy has directed over 60 music videos for artists such as ‪Luke Bryan‬, ‪Kenny Chesney‬, ‪Yelawolf‬, Cage The Elephant‬ and many more in the rock, rap and country genres.He left the music video business behind for bigger dreams. Potsy wrote and directed the feature film Super Zeroes—I’m sure you caught wind of it as it toured the festival circuit… mildly, winning an Audience Award as well as Best Comedy. With that smashing success under their belt, he along with Shannon Houchins, forged ahead and started HIDEOUT PICTURES. Potsy then sold a screenplay to Lakeshore Entertainment that has since been “put on hold.” Most notably, Potsy CREATED a half-hour scripted comedy for Viacom and just aired its second season. Potsy took the reigns as the SHOWRUNNER of the series entitled, “Still The King”, starring ‪Billy Ray Cyrus‬ and Joey Lauren Adams.Taken aback by Potsy’s charisma, charm and raw, natural talent, it was no shock that the network allowed him to WRITE and DIRECT the series as well.‬  Potsy is currently repped at Verve.