Director: David Poag    Title: UN_TheWhy_60_h264
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David Poag

David Poag is a young man trying to hold his own in this crazy world, one day at a time….

Claiming to be a visual artist and quite handy with a camera, David has been “doing this stuff” for a good while now despite his youth.

In a few short years, David has directed 6 Addy Award Winning Commercials for Goodwill Industrials; had is short film “The Good Ones” screened at Cannes and has DP several independent feature films.

It’s rumored that David is a “pretty chill dude” and an enjoyable guy to work with. When a project is in his hands, he gets to the core: making good art that strengthens and enforces the initial purpose of the piece.

David’s philosophy on filmmaking and most things in life: “Keep it simple, Make it GOOD.”