Director: Sean A    Title: BELL Pace PreRoll 30sec ProRes
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Sean A

Beginning his film career as a casting room camera operator and moving through the departments from PA to AD and everything in between, Sean lived and breathed the creative process on and off set, pursuing disciplines in writing as well as photography.

Sean began his career as a commercial director when he landed a hilarious NHL Play-off spot for Budweiser. Since, Sean has shot for some of the biggest clients worldwide with over 60 commercials to his name. Toyota, Nestle, Tostitos, Pfizer, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are among some of the many he has worked with over the last decade, including the media and YouTube sensation, “Save The Boobs” campaign, featured on CNN, Good Morning America and The Jay Leno Show to name a few.

Sean wrote, produced and directed a short film entitled Three Beans For George, which became an official selection of both the Cannes Advertising Festival as well as The Toronto International Film Festival. He also wrote, produced and directed another short film, Taliban Surfer, an irreverently satirical portrayal of the life of a militant, terrorist surfer in pursuit of the ultimate wave. Sean is currently producing and adapting the best selling novel La Guerre, Yes Sir by Roch Carrier. The feature length film is set to begin shooting winter 2017.